Mobility -

Mobility - Olga Bagildinskaia

European Solidarity Corps volunteer
Master: International Relations
Limited Liability Company “Movement Sfera”
18/03/2022 – 15/12/2022

When I started this project in March 2022, I couldn’t even imagine how transformative these 10 months would turn out to be. So many things have happened to me here, both good and bad, but every little thing has filled me and taught me something I didn’t know before.

I am coming out of this experience as a new person who has understood a lot about herself, others and the world in general. I doubt that I will ever get to experience anything similar to this. I will always remember this period of my life with gratitude towards myself for having taken the decision to come and with gratitude towards all the people who surrounded me in these months.

And Alzira will remain in my heart as a place that turned into my second home❤️

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