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Promoting a new Blockchain Technology-based digital learning pattern in VET to boost entrepreneurship, sustainable business creation and growth


PROJECT’S END DATE: 31/04/2024

TOTAL BUDGET: 240 865 €


Description and Objectives

“Promoting a new Blockchain Technology-based digital learning pattern in VET to boost entrepreneurship, sustainable business creation and growth”, within the framework of the Erasmus+ program of the European Union; in its Key Action 2 of the well-known program to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe, aims to develop an innovative online VET training methodology. In addition, in parallel, it seeks to develop a set of electronic tools specifically designed to improve the capabilities of VET trainers, as well as students, in the actual use and incorporation of Blockchain Technologies in their existing business models.

Cooperation partnerships aim to support the development, transfer or implementation of innovative practices, as well as the implementation of joint initiatives that promote cooperation, peer learning and the exchange of experiences at European level. The results must be reusable, transferable, expandable and, if possible, incorporate a strong transdisciplinary dimension, in addition to:

  • Improve the quality of the work, activities and practices of the organizations and institutions involved, opening up to new agents that are not normally included in a sector;
  • Develop the capacity of organizations to work transnationally and across sectors;
  • Address common priorities and needs in the fields of education, training, youth and sport;
  • Promote transformation and change (at the individual, sectoral or organizational level), leading to improvements.

Contribute to innovation

It will contribute to innovation in vocational education and training: since the project will improve the way VET is delivered, making it more relevant to the current and future needs of the economy and society by incorporating Blockchain technology, with in order to allow organizations and individuals in the identified target groups to benefit first-hand from it. This will also be achieved by modernizing and updating the development and implementation of innovative and more relevant digital teaching and learning approaches.

Increase flexibility

Increase the flexibility of opportunities in Vocational Education and Training by developing a flexible online, innovative and learner-centred VET program methodology; as well as a set of electronic tools based on the main characteristics of Blockchain technology, thus helping to close the existing gaps within the FP and the current labor market.

Address digital transformation

Address digital transformation through the development of digital readiness, resilience and capacity, carrying out a mapping of existing relevant European frameworks on digital and entrepreneurial competences for educators, citizens and organizations (such as DigComp, EntreComp, …), in order to update them in order to develop a digital training methodology and electronic tools to promote entrepreneurship, creation and growth of sustainable companies, thanks to an effective change towards digital education, which allows organizations and people enhance your business and digital skills, necessary to successfully navigate the global digital economy.

Project partners

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