Digital Empow(H)er

A guidance approach to encourage adult women’s lifelong learning, skills development and resilience to access opportunities and succeed in the labour market.


PROJECT’S END DATE: 03/12/2024
TOTAL BUDGET: 250.000,00 €
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Digital Empow(H)er connects the issues concerning the structural weaker position of women within the labour market such as low mobility, lower pay, and care duties rights with the increasing digital upskilling requirement to access opportunities. Digital Empow(H)er equips adult women, guidance practitioners, and their organisations with the necessary tools and competences to develop creative and innovative solutions to face the challenges that the 21st century poses.


This project presents a new, transnational contribution to the debate for the structural challenges that women undergo within the labour market – access to employment, gender gap in the career processes, influence of social and family factors within their inclusion and paths across work, family, and personal lives, etc.

At the same time, labour market dynamics linked to remote working and digital competence requirements are particularly challenging for people from disadvantaged backgrounds and low-skilled job seekers. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated this situation, making therefore extremely urgent to improve guidance services to empower women to reach their full potential, participate in the labour market and gain access to more career opportunities.


The project objectives emphasise career guidance as a core part of the support service, providing users with the opportunity to identify their own innate abilities. The goal of individual career guidance is to discover and develop educational, vocational, and employment potential, to equip individuals to have a clearer understanding of themselves and potential for future career development and to direct individuals towards training and employment opportunities in the environment that best fulfil their needs and aspirations.

With that in mind, this project seeks to improve the quality and relevance of the guidance sector and directly address the needs of guidance practitioners:
1) Enhancing the capability to empower women to develop confidence on their self-perceived competences, to embrace learning opportunities and help them reach their full potential within the labour market, especially in the new normal current circumstances, consequence of COVID-19 pandemic.
Encouraging digital upskilling training to enhance access and full use of the digital resources, offered within an evolving society and modern labour market.

Kick-Off Meeting in Dublin, Ireland

On January 23-24th, 2023 partners of the project gathered in Dublin, Ireland to discuss the planned activities of Digital Empow(H)er and necessary tools, so that career practitioners can offer their services to empower women using the digital world.

Fieldwork with women in Alzira, Spain

In April 2023, the European Projects department alongside the training department of IDEA Alzira conducted fieldwork with women. It was done to unveil the needs of women and understand their situation regarding the labour market from the perspective of digitalisation.

2nd Meeting in Milan, Italy

From May 29th to May 31st, 2023 another meeting of the project partners was held in Milan, Italy. It served as a place for practicioners from all organizations to discuss and develop a blueprint, a self-assesment tool and a training curriculum for women and counsellors.

Project partners

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