Green Youth Employability: Emerging Skills and Jobs for a Fair and Green Society

Connecting youth employment and care for the environment.

EN-Funded by the EU-BLACK

START DATE: 01/12/2023
END DATE: 30/11/2026

TOTAL BUDGET: 400,000.00 €


The ultimate objective of the project is to structure a learning and guidance pathway for young people based on non-formal education in current and emerging green jobs, focusing on the urgency of action to create a sustainable EU that continues to provide care and quality employment for young people. It seeks to provide adequate training, guidance and support to the youth sector and young people in the green and job transition.

Project Partners


The expected results for this project are:
  • 1 survey report.
  • 1 Toolkit for youth workers with tools and methods to support green skills acquisition among young people based on non-formal education in English and translated into 4 languages.
  • 1 massive open online course with at least 4 learning modules, 1 forum for horizontal approach, 1 E-Portfolio space for both reflection and employability tool + E-learning space manual.
  • 4 Green Youth Labs.
  • 1 Handbook on the Green Youth Labs experiences and good practices.

Phases of the project:

The planned phases of the project are:
  • Kick off meeting in Bologna (Italy).
  • Survey report and creation of the toolkit.
  • Designing of the massive open online course and training of professional youth workers.
  • Green Youth Labs.
  • Dissemination of the results and sharing of good practices.

First step: Kick Off Meeting

In January 2024, two technicians from the European Projects department attended the Kick Off Meeting of the new project “Green Youth Employability: Emerging Skills and Jobs for a Fair and Green Society” in Bologna, Italy.

It was a stressful day of meetings to plan and organise this 36-months project based on the employability of young people linked with the need to preserve the environment and natural resources, with the main objective of training young people to get quality jobs that respects the environment. This will be achieved through a survey, a toolkit, an e-learning platform and 4 green youth labs; all made by and for the project.

The meeting was organised in several parts just for organise and plan the different activities that we should do, the budget, the collaborators, etc. The strongest point was sharing our ideas, experiences and techniques to create a unique strategy to achieve our objectives.

We feel very encouraged to work in this project!

Second step: Survey

More updates are coming. We’re working on it!

Erasmus+ project 2023-1-IT03-KA220-YOU-000157988 “Green Youth Employability: Emerging Skills and Jobs for a Fair and Green Society” has been funded by the European Commission. This document reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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