Change your mind, coach!

The “Change your mind, coach!” project aims at developing a training course for trainers and coaches and their trainers, which will help them identify and tackle discriminatory behaviour in their teams of athletes, composing primarily of young adults 16-21 years old.


PROJECT’S END DATE: 30/06/2022

TOTAL BUDGET: 41 480 €


Description and Objectives

The Project will identify the types of discriminatory behaviours in the participating countries in all their expressions and the reasons for which they are expressed. It will systematise them and methodologies for dealing with them will be proposed.

The consortium members, when talking about discriminatory behaviour, include all possible triggers, from racial/ ethnic reasons, to gender, to religion, and even underperformance.

This project intends to equip the trainers and coaches with the appropriate tools to address and tackle any form of discriminatory behaviour, irrespectively of whether it is based upon societal differences, or peer pressure stemming from underachievement, given that, ultimately, the reason behind intolerance and unacceptance is not really what matters so much; it is the inclination of certain individuals to adopt such behaviours and acting on them.

What is important is to use all measures and tools, especially with young adults to help them understand that in the context of an inclusive society, which respects and understands all individuals as equals, there are only gains to be expected, as a result of common effort and in this context, the field of sport is the most appropriate way to demonstrate that latter notion.

Free E-learning Training Course

We developed an e-learning training course for trainers and trainers of trainers within which you can learn how to identify and tackle the discriminatory behavior. Do not miss the opportunity and click on the following button to enrol!

Kickoff Meeting in Ljubljana, Slovenia — 27/02/2020

Face-to-face training course in Alzira

During the project, the e-learning training course was also taught in a face-to-face format in Alzira.

Athletes, trainers and people interested were able to learn about the different aspects related to discrimination in sport in this training.

Project Partners

Dissemination of the project

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