Idea Moves Mentor

The European Projects Office of the City of Alzira, Alzira On
Europe, has launched during the month of January Idea Moves Mentor, a
mobility project for adults, within the Erasmus + Program. It aims to train 5 students of Aula Mentor, in digital skills, foreign languages and soft skills. 



TOTAL BUDGET: 9000,00 €


Among the many training opportunities offered by IDEA, Aula Mentor is the open, free and remote training through the Internet. It is about offering lifelong learning, thanks to the Ministry of Education in collaboration with a large number of institutions, including IDEA Alzira.

Accompanied by a tutor from the center, the 5 students have been able to enjoy 15 days of intense training, where they have been able to acquire new knowledge related to the European labor market. Offering them an international vision related to the competences mentioned above, as well as their applicability to the studies they are carrying out through the Aula Mentor courses.


IDEA is the local development agency of the Alzira City Council, we have extensive experience in managing mobility
projects and we want adult education students and more specifically our Aula Mentor to be beneficiaries of mobility
We work for the insertion in the labor market of unemployed people and we consider that the best way to increase the
opportunities of access to the world of work for our students is through training and they will have greater opportunities when
this training is accompanied by a European mobility .


– General improvement of the quality of training given in IDEA, and specifically improving the quality of adult training.
– We need to know successful experiences of other European organizations that work in adult training, in order to learn
about new methodologies and initiatives
– Provide students and staff with a greater European awareness and the existence of a European labor market
– Promote the acquisition of social skills among students as a tool to enhance their employability.
– Improve students’ acquisition of foreign languages.
– Promote the use of ICTs among students
– Improve support for students at risk of social exclusion


The activities that have been foreseen in this project are the realization of 5 mobilities for students of the Aula Mentor Alzira,
these mobilities will last 15 days + 2 days of travel to carry out training practices on the course carried out in a company , the
internships will be carried out in Italian companies.

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