FIND - Fostering Integral
NEETs Development

European mobility and social inclusion project for integrating disadvantaged young people not in employment, education, or training (NEETs).



PROJECT’S END DATE: 02/04/2025

TOTAL BUDGET: 524 901,98€

ESF+ FUNDING: 419 921,98€



The FIND project aims to lay groundwork for an inclusive and innovative action in Alzira. It will facilitate 2 groups of 10 young people who are no longer in eduction, nor working or being trained to for work (NEETs) to empower themselves while gaining confidence, self-esteem, new skills and European work experience. 

Project partners

Phases of the project

1) Signing of Memorandum of Understanding with all regional partners and relevant stakeholders: employment agencies, youth organizations, researchers, VET providers, public organizations and business associations.
Duration of the 1st phase: 4 months.

2) This phase will consist of 5-part events:

  • Selection of the 2 groups of 10 NEETs. The focus (target group) will be mainly on economically inactive people and young people without work experience.
  • The selected groups will follow a 2-month tailored program in Alzira covering a wide range of activities.
  • Training abroad complemented with mentoring, social and cultural activities (3 months).
  • Follow-up with candidates after their return: feedback gathering, advice and guidance provided.
  • Compilation of information to build the final report.

Duration of the 2nd phase: 14 months

¡Apertura del proceso de selección de
participantes del proyecto Europeo FIND!

Dissemination of the project

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