Free You

FREEYOU is aimed at designing, testing and spreading educational blended resources focusing on these tree crucial issues, making youngsters informed, aware, empowered.


PROJECT’S END DATE: 30/06/2021

TOTAL BUDGET: 238.545 €

Description and Objectives

With this aim we’ll design, develop and test an interactive educational package for introducing young students to 3 key concepts of the digital information landscape:

1) fact-checking (social media verification, video/pictures authentication, source checking)

2) news distribution and amplification (filter bubbles, algorithmic filtering, viral content circulation)

3) artificial intelligence (deepfakes, synthetic media, etc)

The FREEYOU Programme will come from previous experiences of the project partners that will co-create a new enriched and innovative format that will be released in the project countries, with different target groups of youths, as well as in all EU.

But, most importantly the project will use the potential of the same social media – through social media broadcasting – to reach as many youngsters as possible and to make youths active and aware creators of media contents.

Project Partners


The partners have created an online Brochure of the FREEYOU Project. You can take a look at it here:



The centers that have colaborated as facilitators from Spain in the project are the following:

– Ayuntamiento de Altea
– CEIPFP Misericordia (Valencia)
– CIPFP Luis Suñer Sanchis (Alzira)
– IES Rei en Jaume (Alzira)

Pilot Courses developed at IDEA Alzira

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