European Solidarity Corps is a programme of the European Union which aims at enabling young people to show solidarity with communities abroad, as well as in their respective country.


PROJECT’S END DATE: 31/08/2023

TOTAL BUDGET: 145.535 €


In the last years, IDEA has hosted a large number of volunteers, with a starting mile stone in 2012 in the framework of the extinct European Voluntary Service programme. They travelled to Alzira from Poland, Italy, Belgium, Czech Republic, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Russia, Turkey etc. The objective of this programme is to develop the solidarity and promote active citizenship and mutual understanding among young people. This programme gives to young people new professional skills improve in a foreign language and discover a new culture. As well as, IDEA also supervises young people from Spain who go for their volunteering experience abroad. Portugal, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic and United Kingdom are just a few of the partner countries where IDEA has sent its volunteers in the last years. Apart from all of this, IDEA also has worked in the framework of the ESC programme in a wide range of projects to promote the dissemination of new cultures, the environmental caring and heritage conservation with the youth acting as cornerstone.

Promote the feeling of solidarity

Through our participation in the ESC, we seek to develop and promote among young people the feeling of solidarity and work for the common good, through solidarity volunteering actions that have as their objective main objective: promote values ​​of solidarity, respect for human dignity and human rights and that help create a just and egalitarian society in which pluralism, non-discrimination, tolerance, justice and equality prevail.


Within the framework of the European Solidarity Corps program and through its Local Development Agency IDEA, the City Council of Alzira carries out 3 types of European volunteering activities:

  • As a host organization for projects in the Local Development Agency, in the areas of Heritage and Sports.
  • As a support entity for projects in 14 training centers in Alzira, accredited by the CES and with which been developing joint projects in the past: CEIP García Sanchiz, CEIP Gloria Fuertes, CEIP Tirant Lo Blanc, CEIP Alborxí, Colegio La Purísima, CFPA Enric Valor, CIPFP Luis Suñer Sanchis, IES Jose Mª Parra, IES La Murta, Xúquer Centre Educatiu, CEIP Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, CEE Público Comarcal Carmen Picó, IES Rei En Jaume and CEIP Ausiàs March.
  • As a sending support entity for local young people who wish to participate in the European Solidarity Corps thanks to mobility abroad.

Reception activities in the Local Development Agency

The objectives of the reception activities in the Local Development Agency are that young people know the problem of youth unemployment in Spain and supporting IDEA in the measures it implements to favor the insertion in the job market of unemployed young people, often at risk of social exclusion. The Sports department tries to promote the active citizenship of young people, especially European citizenship, through activities to promote, preserve and enhance the balanced lifestyle among the youth of Alzira. Regarding the activities in the Heritage department, the aims are to encourage more people to discover and commit to the conservation and protection of Europe’s cultural heritage. In this, a fundamental role will be played by the digitization as enhancement of heritage, projecting it to new levels thanks to the use of new technologies as a tool to offer greater social reach. Also, the objectives of the activities in collaboration with local training centers are focused in the fact that young people collaborate in spreading a solidary society through his example of selfless collaboration with their activities. Lastly, the goal of sending local volunteers abroad is to promote greater employability and offer new opportunities for young people of our city through new European mobilities. To date, the consistory has sent a total of 35 volunteers to countries such as Slovakia, Belgium and Portugal, among others, thanks to partners with whom they have been collaborating since 2012.

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