Building Europe with Local Councillors


“Building Europe with Local Councillors” is a network of local political representatives from across the European Union who collaborate to promote communication on EU-related topics and create a true European public sphere. Its main objective is to facilitate discussions and debates at the local level and boost citizen involvement in EU-related issues.

Alzira's Mayor, Alfons Domínguez Gento

Europe in Alzira

Since September 2022, the Alzira City Council is part of the “Building Europe with Local Councillors” network, an unprecedented alliance between European and local government structures, made up of EU local correspondents who work together to promote communication on EU-related topics. The aim of this project is to create a true European public sphere by collaborating and disseminating information on EU issues that affect each local political representative’s constituency. This network will also help boost citizen involvement and initiate debates on these topics, thereby creating conversations about the EU at the local level. The network is closely organized in collaboration with the European Network of Regional and Local Correspondents of the European Committee of the Regions. Alzira’s Mayor, Alfons Domínguez Gento, is the local political representative who is part of this network.


The main objectives of this network are:

  • To create a true European public sphere by promoting collaboration and the dissemination of information on EU-related topics at the local level.
  • To boost citizen involvement in EU-related issues and promote debates on these topics.
  • To facilitate collaboration between local and European political representatives in promoting EU initiatives and policies.
  • To contribute to the creation of a pan-European public space that allows for the exchange of ideas and the promotion of Europe’s cultural and linguistic diversity.

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