IDEA Moves V

IDEA Moves V, offered by the Alzira City Council and financed by SEPIE (Servicio Español para la Internacionalización de la Educación) in the framework of the Erasmus+ programme, finds its target in the mobility of 50 students of the Vocational Training courses for Employment carried out in IDEA (Local Development Agency of Alzira City Council).


PROJECT’S END DATE: 31/05/2022

TOTAL BUDGET: 210.567,00 €

Description and Objectives

According to the European Development Plan of IDEA, we are looking for participation in European mobility programmes as a way to improve the quality of the training taught at IDEA, to offer international mobility experiences to VET students, to improve the expression and oral communication in foreign language of our students, and to increase the possibilities of our students to access the European single market.

The aim of the IDEA Moves V programme is to improve the employability of VET students through the experience of a 2-month internship abroad. The Erasmus Impact Study confirms that the EU students’ exchange programme improves employability and professional mobility. Young people who study or train abroad not only acquire knowledge in specific disciplines, but also strengthen key transversal skills highly valuable by employers. Erasmus+ both improves career prospects and offers students a better vision of the future and social relationships.

Through these Erasmus+ mobilitites, IDEA’s objective is the improvement of Vocational Education and Training for Employment and of the Employment Workshops provided in collaboration with LABORA, the Valencian Employment and Training Service.

Project Partners

Final Outcomes of the Idea Moves V Project

Through this project, 50 VET students from IDEA have carried out their internships in different companies abroad. It is worth mentioning that the participants of this last course were unemployed people at risk of social exclusion.

One of the objectives set by the Erasmus+ Programme for VET students mobilities was to strengthen the employability of young people and to facilitate their transition to the labour market. Each mobility activity is established within a quality framework previously agreed by the sending and receiving organizations to ensure a high-quality activity, including a “Learning Agreement”. Learning outcomes are formally recognized and validated at institutional level, and course contents are adapted as appropriate to ensure that the mobility period fits well into the curriculum of the course in which the apprentice or VET student is enrolled.

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On The Road To Success

Here we present the testimonies of IDEA Alzira’s students, where they share their experience and how the VET courses and the Erasmus+ mobilities of the European Union changed their lives.

Teresa Gómez

Isidoro Gallego

Ángeles' Mobility Story

“’Why not?’ was the first thing that came to mind when I was offered a 3-month mobility to put into practice the skills acquired during a year of training…”

Press Releases

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Ángeles Martínez - On The Road To Success

Here follows the experience of Ángeles Martínez, a former student of IDEA that had the opporunity to do an Erasmus+ mobility to Italy in the framework of the IDEA Moves V project. For her experience, she was awarded the Recognisition to the Quality of Erasmus+ Projects in the VET category from SEPIE (Spanish Service for the Internalization of the Education).

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