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Urban Sports 4all is a non-profit sports event in Lisbon with nine sports developed by 15 entities in competition and demonstration format with the participation of several countries.


PROJECT’S END DATE: 11/07/2022

TOTAL BUDGET: 22.795,00€

WEBSITE: https://urbansports4all.lisboa.pt/

Description and Objectives

The project focuses on the promotion of urban sports to increase the level of sport practice of the population, and on raising the awareness of European citizens about their levels of sport practice and active and healthy lifestyles. It aims to promote cross-cultural exchange using sport as a vehicle for social and sporting development, to raise awareness of the role of sport in promoting social inclusion and equal opportunities, and to promote volunteering in sport and cultural dynamics through an international experience.

The event will run in Lisbon, Portugal, from the 7th to the 10th July. During this period of time, the different sports groups will make public exhibitions in the city of Lisbon showing to the population of the city the different sports they practice, in order to give them visibility. Entry to the event is free for the public who wishes to attend the exhibitions.

An agenda of activities will be developed, including a conference on good practices where some countries and national municipalities will be invited to present real experiences and results of successful sports projects, and through which all participants can learn and get an added value for the sports development of the country of origin.

There will be competitions in the following disciplines – Basket 3×3, Basket 3×3 Wheelchair, Urban Dance, Skate, Gymnastics for All, Walking Football. Participants will come from 11 European nations – Portugal, Italy, Latvia, Slovenia, Turkey, Spain, Poland, Greece, Belgium, Bulgaria and France.

Project Partner

Results of the project

The Alzira City Council delegation participated in the Gymnastics for All competition, composed of 13 participating groups from all Europe. This discipline is based on the idea that it is a sport for everyone and it offers a wide array of activities, programmes, events and competitions tailored for every gender, age groups and abilities, contributing to personal health, fitness and well-being.

12 girls from 8 to 20 years old from the Gimnasia Rítmica Ribera Alta de Alzira club, together with their two trainers and accompannied by three representatives, formed the Alzira City Council delegation. Their competition took place the 9th July and they won the bronze medal.

Photos of the Urban Sports 4all

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