Mobility -

Mobility - Marina Orlova

European Solidarity Corps volunteer
Bachelor: History
Limited Liability Company “Movement Sfera”
18/03/2022 – 15/12/2022

These ten months as a volunteer in Alzira passed very quickly, yet at the same time they seem like a separate lifetime. It was a truly wonderful experience, with its highs and lows, and despite all the challenges I will always remember it with warmth. I’m incredibly grateful to the friends I made, to my colleagues at MUMA, to all the people I met here. I have learned a lot, I had fun and I’d like to think I’ve grown as a person. It’s time for me to start my new adventure, but now with so many beautiful memories that I will always keep in my heart. It saddens me to say goodbye but at the same time I feel happy because everything was the way it was. Thank you to everyone again and nos vemos ❤️
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