Mobility -

Mobility - Fran Carton

European Solidarity Corps volunteer
Master: Speech and Language Therapy
01/03/2022 – 27/11/2022

After 9 months, leaving from Alzira comes with a lot of mixed feelings 🎭

I feel verry happy 😄 about all the things I have experienced and all the beautiful people I have met, however I know I will miss this place 😔 a lot when I get back to Belgium 🇧🇪.

All teachers, students and other people at Colegio La Purísima 🏫 gave me the chance to discover, learn and laugh a lot.

IDEA gave me the chance to live in Alzira and meet many other volunteers who will always stay deep in my heart ❤. Thank you all! 🤲

I hope to see you soon, hasta luego! 👋

~ Fran, ESC volunteer from Belgium

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