Mobility -

Élodie Vaneevelen

European Solidarity Corps volunteer


08/03/2023 – 05/12/2023

Hi! 🫶🏻 I don’t usually introduce myself like this but here we go :
My name is Élodie, I’m Belgian, I’m 25 and I speak French.
I’m currently volunteering in a primary school in Alzira. Working with little kids is quite new for me but I like it. I’ll be here for nine months and I hope to be able to speak Spanish better soon 🇪🇸.
As much as I love Brussels, the city where I am from; I felt the urge to travel and help. That’s how I found this program and that’s how I ended up here.
Travelling always offers answers or leave you with more questions ✨
Let’s see what the future holds. Hopefully it will be full of great surprises 🤞🏻

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